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So my cousin Gina is currently working on a post of sorts and she needs a bit of help. Basically there have been a large increase in people degrading idols such as saying “omg I want to rape you” and the like. What we need right now are posts that depict “fans” fetish-ising or degrading idols in a…

Hi everyone. Its been a while since my last tl;dr post on issues in fandom. As it says above, I am working on a new post and I need help. My cousin is helping me with spreading the awareness and I want my followers  to also help me. If you truly respect your idols or person/people of interest in your fandoms, please continue to reblog this and send me links and/or screenshots of anything degrading you see be it on tumblr, twitter or youtube.

Please help me in cleaning up the mess of immature/naive fans and in educating them in respect.  

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